Arm the Homeless


Not even when you’re 18

Or 23

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that depressing moment.. when your childhood flashes by &  you see all the times you could’ve done this…

dopeeee as fuckD;

@lindorchocolate @shabeee @area51mafia can we do this on the long weekend guys? LOL.

Haha, if somebody has a box fan bring it! The way the temps have been this would be perfect.

Nonsense: mynameiscrackers: souschen: i think instead of the woman taking her...



i think instead of the woman taking her husband’s name when they get married or doing the hyphenated thing

couples should just smash their last names together

so like if a Smith married a Grabowski you could be Smabowski or Grabith or Grasmithski


My Sister and Brother-in-Law are Swasey (pronounced like Patrick Swayze) and Biebuyck (pronounced like Beebuck), respectively, and I don’t think they’re ever going to make it official, but they refer to themselves as Swayzbuk. Not only is it smashed together, but its parts are spelt the way people assume them to be.

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This happened in a matter of minutes. One meerkat put its arms around the other and they went to sleep! 

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ONSIND and i’s final act on tour was recording this miley cyrus cover at 6:30am this morning after driving through the night to the airport. we were all feeling absolutely insane. you’ll notice huggy never put his hands up…

or in nathan’s words:

Indianapolis Airport, 17th July 2012 (6.30 am)

Okay, so there’s a back story to this one. Last night we played a show in Detroit, Michigan, which was mint, but afterwards, we had to immediately drive for 5 and a half hours to get to Indianapolis Airport in time to catch our flight home. This video doesn’t really do justice to how crazy we all felt making it. We spent the journey from Michigan learning the song in the cramped rental car by ear, and practicing singing along. Once we arrived at the airport we immediately started getting hassled by an arsey, moustaciod traffic cop driving a segway and we thought we weren’t gonna be able to do it, but thankfully, we outfoxed him, and perservered eventually finding a quiet spot by sneaking up to the top of the multi storey car park. None of us have had much sleep for days, and as a result, we (mainly me, Nathan) fumbled the guitar and singing, but never mind, it does justice to how much of a party this trip has been. Thank you so much to spoonboy for taking us! You are the best! Smell you later America!

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Today I went to go tell a cute customer to enjoy her day but I noticed she had a Tegan and Sara shirt on halfway through the sentence and it came out: “Enjoy your gay.” 


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This looks awesome, James Franco stars as Oz (plus Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz)! Chantal and I both got one of these awesome posters (well, two of them each!) after watching the Oz The Great And Powerful panel! 

One More Day!

One more day until I start my new career at! I moved to Seattle two weeks ago to be able to work for them on Kindle/Digital, and hopefully I’ll be here for several more years at least.

I’m super anxious for my first day. I interned their last summer and it went really well; I impressed them by going above and beyond their expectations of an intern. However, this time it’s for real! I’ll be working with a bunch of super talented people in Computer Science and I know I’ll feel inadequate compared to them. Also, if I screw up I could get fired which has never really been a risk in any of my internships.

I still don’t even know exactly what I’ll be doing on the Kindle/Digital group either. My recruiter has been completely impossible to get any information out of, so I haven’t really been able to do any prior research or studying. If I get put on, say, the Kindle Format Team, I won’t know jack about binary file formats going into my first day. I’d like the chance to go in semi-knowledgeable! Although I’m usually pretty cynical when it comes to HR people like her, and like to think that they’re all incompetent, there could be another reason she doesn’t tell me what I’m doing yet: some teams in Kindle/Digital are secret even within Amazon! So if I’m on one of those teams I can’t even talk to anybody at Amazon about it outside of my own team. Although I seriously doubt they’d put me on a team like that as a new hire, it’s a possibility for me not knowing yet.

Either way, my first day is on Monday and new hire orientation is at 9am. :( Thankfully this will probably be the only time I have to get to work that early, as individuals can generally make their own hours as long as you’re there for the daily scrum and meetings. Last summer I, and most of the team, would get in around 10-10:30am or so and leave around 7pm, so hopefully I can maintain a schedule like that this time around.

So anxious.

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